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The Odyssey Project

For your entertainment only.

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First and foremost: Many thanks to baadjim for the LJcode to get this thing started. :)

Second and secondmost blahblah: This is a jounral for the writings of one something-thingy and one raichu-thingy. Said writings will probably be linked together in one way or another, at the rate things are going; one of the several reasons this community-LJ has been created, so people can view them without having to hop between journals and look up dates to read them in order.

It's recommended that you start reading from the beginning, but this could get so twisted around eventually, it might not matter where you start.

Also: No, you may not post things (other than comments) in here, unless you're either the aforementioned something-thingy or raichu-thingy. This may be changed in the future, if more supremely good writers are found. If you solicit your super-wonderful-amazing skills, you will be blacklisted or maybe just looked at funny. If, in the future, any additional writers are added, they will be chosen completely through random chance.